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Avon Gorge Hotel and White Lion Bar

I’m quite proud of this shoot.  Not because it’s the best image I’ve every taken as it’s probably not.  I’m proud because it was arranged, planned and shot well.  A few months ago I noticed a picture of the fantastic view from the terrace at the Avon Gorge Hotel and White Lion Bar if Clifton.  Of course, the view is the iconic Clifton Suspension bridge.   I wanted to take the image at night as I couldn’t find another high-quality image from this spot. The bridge is the subject of hundreds of images but the views at night are spectacular.

I made contact with the lovely people at Avon Gorge Hotel and we popped over for a coffee and a chat and that gave me the chance to plan the shoot.  I needed to rearrange a few things to get the shot but they couldn’t be more helpful.  Then I just had to wait for the weather.  We got a really small break in the weather on Thursday and so this is the result.

Avon Gorge Hotel and White Lion Bar
Avon Gorge Hotel and White Lion Bar – View of Clifton Suspension Bridge

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