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That Clifton Bridge again….

I know, I know I’ve shot the bridge so many times.  The thing is like all classics, you never get bored of it.  About four months ago a friendly instagrammer shared the link of a site which gives you all the high tide data.  This was after a suck it and see image where I ended up with the muddy banks and very little river.  I made a note in my diary about the Spring high tides.  So when it popped up as a reminder and the weather was good I thought I would drive over to Bristol and see what I could see.

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge at spring high tide.

Three hours later and after a disappointing sunset, I took this shot.  It was my last shot of the day, well, it’s three shots stacked and blended actually.  The main image is a 2 minute long exposure but this causes the lights to blow out so I also took a 20 second exposure. I also blended a 400ISO 8 second exposure as I could see a few stars.  I probably could have pushed this much further but I wanted the affect to be subtle and not all HDR over the top and exaggerated.

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