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Sunrise at Pulteney Bridge

I had the idea on of getting up for the sunrise on Bank Holiday Monday and taking the short trip to Bath.  Bath is full of tourists and so you don’t get many a chance to shoot without lots of people around.  I thought I would shoot Bath Abbey but to be honest the whole place was a mess.  It looked like the morning after a party and the Gulls were everywhere feeding on the kebabs from the night before.

The sky was beginning to light and in the summer it falls on a tricky and not so pretty view of the Abbey.  I walked round and round a failed to find a composition.  So I took a walk down to the Weir and Pulteney Bridge.  In the Summer we get a sunrise backdrop henid the Weir.  I had very little time and stupidly I rushed the shot leaning on the bridge in stead of setting up my tripod.

I’d also forgotten my mini-tripod so then improvised using the central column as a support and the tripod legs splayed. It wasn’t level which compromised by Panoramic.  So this is a flawed shot, poorly executed but considering all of that it’s not so bad.


Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge and Weir at Sunrise

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