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View of Weatherlam taken from Loughrigg, The Lake District, Cumbria, UK

I had a really fabulous day in the Lake District with the @thelakelanders at the #llinstameet17 on Saturday. A huge thank you to Andrew (@historyofmodern) for inviting me and looking after me and to Billy (@breddenphoto) and the team for organising it.

I have been recovering from a virus (and I’m bl**dy unfit), so the trek up Loughrigg Fell damn near killed me but Oh! was it worth it. It took my breath away both physically and when I saw the view. We arrived in time for sunrise (more posts to follow) but I grabbed this image on the way down as the light broke over the hills.

Know what ai took this shot of came from Aneesa (@aneesa.sidat) as I really don’t know my mountains from my molehills or my fells from my fens. This is the morning light hitting the early snow on #Weatherlam. Please comment those of you who know.

I slipped on the ice on the way down so I can truly say I fell down the Fell. No damage was done.

Weatherlam taken from Loghrigg
Weatherlam taken from Loghrigg – click for high resolution image

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