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Winter Sunrise at Clifton Suspension Bridge

Whilst shooting the Clifton Suspension Bridge some time ago a Tog on the hill told me of a shot where the sun rises under the bridge. “It’s only possible a few weeks in the Winter”, he told me.

If such a shot exists, this year it’s beaten me.  I used the TPE App to plan this and my previous shot at Durdle Door but getting the weather right and the sun and tide is not easy.

I thought at least if the tide is down a little I might get closer to the bank.  As you can see, I did at least achieve that.  I got a tad muddy too!

At sunrise the sky was clear and the shot was, well a little dull and boring.  As the clouds came over there wasn’t much colour apart from grey but then just for a minute, we got a bit of colour.

When I got home, it was obvious I didn’t have the shot I’d planned so I decided to go all dark and moody on you.  Not the sun rising under the bridge with lens flare dialled up to 11 I had planned but I still hope you enjoy.

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge at winter sunrise – click on the image for a full resolution image.

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