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Pulteney Bridge, Bath, UK

I’ve wanted to shoot this image for such a long time.  Pulteney Bridge is a famous landmark in the World Heritage City of Bath in the UK.  It happens to be just 6 miles from where I live.  A shot of this landmark re-ignited my love for photography several years ago.  A friend asked me to post that shot on Instagram and tag a few groups so I did.  I was quite taken aback by the response.  The rest is history…

The challenge shooting Pulteney Bridge is really its status.  It’s one of the most photographed bridges in the world and every photographer in the South West of the UK will have given it a go. It’s also lit by Tungsten floodlights which to the human eye quite complements the golden sandstone but to a photographer really messes with your colour balance.  I’ve gone to huge efforts to shoot Pulteney Bridge from this viewpoint.  It’s shot from the Island at the edge of the Weir on the River Avon.  You can only access it by Boat.

So this HAD to be on my shoot list whilst I have the Fujifilm GFX-50s to play with.  I wanted both the reflections and the leading lines of the Weir to the bridge.  Until recently the Colonnades were lit and this dramatically improves this shot.  I’ve been trying to get the Council to fix the lights but to no avail.

I recommend you click on this image to view it full screen.  The detail is wonderful, well at least to my eye.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s only taken two years of planning!

Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge – Click on the image for a high-resolution view



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  • Ben
    9th July 2019 at 8:45 am 

    Hello Jon have you taken, or appear on the cover picture of the lmbc building control magazine?
    Or do you know who took the picture from the island looking upstream to the bridge via the right hand side of the weirs. Cos I remember standing in that very spot fishing there in 1983 with the elvers riggling between me toes! Not many people can say that now says!
    So I would like to purchase a blown up Framed print as I’m a proud bathonian. Flat 1 garden flat, 96 lower Oldfield park bath, BA23Hs. 07742915889 many thanks. Ben

  • Ben
    9th July 2019 at 8:47 am 

    Not many people can say that now adays

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