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Millennium Bridge & St. Paul’s Cathedral.

‘Unreal City, Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, I had not thought death had undone so many’ 

A year ago I posted an image of this scene and my sister who studies Classics suggested this quote from The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot. I have to use it again as it suits the shadowy ghosts passing over Millennium Bridge.

I had a brief trip up to London to visit a client and I couldn’t resist a trip back to this viewpoint.  It’s been quite a year.  I’ve not been able to devote quite so much time to Instagram but I have tried to keep regular posts.  I’ve really enjoyed the start of @jongodfreyportraits and the new challenges that it has presented me.

I was curious how the stabilisation feature on my new Sony would cope with the famously wobbly bridge.  It did pretty well actually.  At first, the sky was just too blue, so I waited for the clouds to blow over much to the annoyance of a street performer who obviously wanted my central spot.

As the cloud moved over and for the briefest of time, a rainbow appeared. And so this shot was born.  I think it made lugging my gear around worthwhile.  I hope you agree.

»»»Kit List«««

A7rIII, 24-70GM at 41mm f10 ISO100 2.5 sec

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