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Clifton Suspension Bridge at Dusk

The problem with day to day life is it gets in the way of Photography. Photography for me is a creative escape but other things must come first. Since my Durdle Door image, I haven’t been out much. I’ve helped friends with a Wedding and a Christening, both of which were very new for me. They were actually quite enjoyable too but gave me nothing to share.

I started to worry slightly that I needed something at least half decent to “come back with” which might have even stopped me shooting…. very silly I know.

So with the great Easter weather and an opportunity to take a few hours off family life, I drove over to my old favourite and perhaps over-shot Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Clifton Suspension Bridge at Dusk – click for high resolution version

The clouds annoyingly cleared as the sun went down. I tried to judge where the sun would set in the middle of the bridge but got that wrong. Hmmm, perhaps my absence has upset the Photography Gods.

The brilliance of Mirrorless Cameras is the ability to see your results as you shoot and so I knew the basic shot was nothing special. I thought I might wait at the same spot until the bridge lights cam on and then stack the two images together. Here’s the result; which I quite like in the end. The base image is the sunset diffracting through the bridge but the lights on the bridge are from a second image.

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