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Pulteney Bridge & Empire Hotel

I had a few hours to kill in Bath, whilst my daughter was at the Theatre, so I thought I’d hunt for some interesting skies. The weir was looking pretty and I really hoped for some colour in the sky but there wasn’t much. Still, I thought this view of the old Empire Hotel and Pulteney Bridge made a nice shot.

The Empire Hotel is now residential property but it’s looking beautiful after a renovation. It seems to have been covered in scaffolding for ever but the end result is beautiful. I do wish they would light up the colonnades but I don’t see the council spending any money if they can avoid it.

I used a 6 stop ND filter to slow this shot down. It’s a 20 second exposure at f11 ISO 100. I also used a Polariser to reduce the haze on the water and to improve reflections. I shot this quite low so I’m about level with the water line at the Weir.

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