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Somerset Lavender

Somerset Lavender Farm is a beautiful in Faulkland, Somerset near to Bath. They Harvest Lavender for its essential oil and they are open to the Public. Check out their website at

Lucky for me there is also a foot rather which runs through the farm as they are not open at Sunset.

It’s that time of year for the inevitable Lavender shots but there’s a reason for that.  Don’t they look great?!?  I planned to take a portrait of our daughter but last night she wanted to watch Love Island! So, my creative escape was  by scuppered by a reality TV programme!

There was a reasonable chance of a decent sunset, so I thought I would head over there.  My first visit this season. It was a little touch a go but I quite liked the way the light played with the Lavender.  It came and went so to get the best affect, I focus-stacked the lavender in the foreground and then took another image for the sky and blended them.  It’s a composition but closer to what my eye was seeing then the Camera recorded.  I hope you like it. 😊

Look out soon for a possible similar image with this as my background and a portrait… or maybe not.  It might depend on Made in Essex or something like that.


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A7rIII, 24-70GM at 41mm f10 ISO50 20th sec


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