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Clevedon Pier at High Tide

I haven’t had the time to shoot much recently.  It’s been a combination of work pressures and family.  On Saturday night, I spotted an interesting sky building so thought I might drive over to Cleveden.  I invited Helen thinking should would say no but she jumped at the chance, grabbed a bottle and some glasses.  Last time I arrived a little late the shoot was spoilt.  This time we go there early.

To my luck the tide was high and coming in and was at its max roughly at sunset.  The only with the beach getting smaller it also got more crowded.  I decided to shoot long exposure to lose the various kids running around playing.  Well, it’s their beach too.  

After the sunset, we gradually had to move up the beach to avoid the tide and so it all got a little congested.  I actually packed my gear away twice but the sky just kept coming.  If it wasn’t for Helen bring the wine I would probably have driven home.  It’s a lesson in stay and wait and watch.  Relax and enjoy the moment.  In this case it really delivered…. then delivered again.

For this image I got down low and focus stacked the foreground.  The background is a long exposure.  Maybe I should have shot from the other side of the Pier but still it was a stunning sky and a wonderful moment.  I haven’t saturated this image.  If you’ve seen my Story you will have seen it looked great even with an iPhone.


»»»Kit List«««

A7rIII, 24-70GM at 35mm f14 (focus stacked) ISO100 30sec


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