Jon Godfrey's Photos Jon Godfrey's Photos

I don’t put all of my images on this site.  I choose the ones I like and I think deserve high resolution.  If you’d like to see more; here is a quick preview and link to my Instagram page.  Feel free to comment especially if you’d like to see more on this web site.

Here’s a little bit of detail as to how I use Instagram

I use Instagram to reach as many people as I can and I target people who have shown an interest in similar images to the ones I product.  Often I do this by liking and following other accounts.  If those people show they are not interested i unfollow them.  Now I know this upsets some but it’s just howInstagram works.  They limit the number of people you can follow so really there is no choice.

I follow some photographers who influence my work and I save their images in Collections.

I don’t post as often as I use to.  I post roughly once a week but it can be less often as I have to fit my work and my family around my hobby.